The Carrat bracelet

A creation of gold and silk, enveloped in discreet technology that gives you peace of mind and turns a simple touch into a quick, precise call for help.
Color – Gold black
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Technical specifications

Weight and dimensions: Ø18.9x5.3mm - 10 grams.

Medallion: 18K Gold or 925 silver or Rose gold plating of metal case;
Bracelet: Soy Silk; Stainless steel.

Battery and replacement: 10 to 12 months autonomy on exchangeable battery.

Included in the box: CARRAT bracelet; Instructions for use; Box.

Compatibility: IOS and Android

Advanced security (coming soon)

This new feature provides a direct link to a world-class private security company. In the event of an emergency, they'll be alerted immediately and know your exact location.

With their team of experts available 24/7, we add an extra layer of protection to ensure your safety is never compromised.

The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet
The Carrat bracelet

A masterpiece of tradition and elegance

Inspired by the art of Geneva jewellers, the CARRAT bracelet is a perfect symbiosis of tradition and innovation.

Every detail of the bracelet, from its silky texture to its golden sheen, has been carefully considered and crafted to create a timeless piece of jewellery.

The perfect embodiment of elegance, refinement and discretion.

Developed in Geneva

Thin, light and discreet

Adjustable to fit all wrist sizes

The key to your peace of mind

When the need arises, a simple gesture activates the hidden powers of this bracelet.

It gives you peace of mind and serenity, transforming your worries into a haven of peace.

Emergency calls and messages

Live location sharing

Recording audio evidence

    How does it work?

  • 1. Press the emergency button

  • 2. Simultaneously send calls and alerts to 5 contacts of your choice

  • 3. Share your location

  • 4. Recording audio evidence

In the event of danger or a problematic situation, simply press the emergency button on the CARRAT bracelet twice.

In an instant, an emergency call and alert messages are sent to the five security contacts you have pre-selected in the CARRAT application.

Your exact, live location is shared with your contacts to ensure a fast, efficient response.

At the same time, the CARRAT bracelet uses your phone's microphone to record audio evidence, providing valuable information for your safety.

  • 89%

    of CARRAT users feel that their bracelet helps to reduce anxiety about their personal safety.

  • +800

    alert messages were able to get our users out of a tricky situation.

  • 21sec

    is the average time it takes for security contacts to respond to emergency messages.


  • International use

    The bracelet's functions are available wherever you are in the world.

  • Available languages

    The CARRAT application is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

  • IOS

    Version: IOS 12.0+

  • Android

    Version: Android 10.0+

Technical specifications

  • Weight and dimensions


    10 grams

  • Materials

    Médaillon: 18K Gold ou 925 silver ou Rose gold plating of metal case

    Bracelet: Soy Silk, Stainless steel

  • Battery and replacement

    Autonomy of 10 to 12 months with replaceable battery.

  • Connectivity

    Your mobile phone with the CARRAT application must be within the bracelet's Bluetooth range for it to emit a signal. Your phone must have Bluetooth activated.

  • Included in the box

    - The CARRAT bracelet
    - Instructions for use
    - Box

  • Certifications

    Our bracelets are CE and FCC certified